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Hucho Taimen AKA Taimen, River Wolf

The Hucho Taimen is a ruthless killer. They grow to huge lengths and posses strength comparable to salt water fish. Their two rows of sharp teeth, large mouths, lightning fast speeds, acute senses and enormous sizes make them the worlds greatest river assassins. This particular fish has been accused of killing several lenock, birds, red squirrels, lemmings, and even some rabbits. This suspected was over 2.5 meters long and weighed over 30 kilos. He had some scares on his back and head that would indicate he'd recently been fighting. This fish, who was booked by Peter Mullett, was thought to be a lone renegade. Other Tamien have been observed hunting in packs. They premeditate and plan attacks on almost helpless Lenock. If the exploits of these brutish overlords of the river were brought to international attention, there would be public out rage. None of these savage killers should be allowed to live for the pure fear of what would happen should one ever find it's way into American waters.